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As a consequence, kdump failed to capture a core dumpbut Ubuntu is step child of Debian and is not afraid to go out and get lot of lastest version of softwares, kernels, etc Multiplatform: Linux runs on many different CPUs, that means it supports multiprocessor machineBZ#903644 A previous patch to the mlx4 driver enabled an internal loopback to allow communication between functions on the same hostgo look atA privileged guest user could use this flaw to crash the hostA series of patches has been backported to address this problem so the kernel no longer panics during I/O operations on the aforementioned systemsThis update applies a patch that orders the function properly so the function no longer holds a spin lock while calling code which is not atomic-safeMint LinuxBZ#1118782 Previously, the Huge Translation Lookaside Buffer (HugeTLB) unconditionally allowed access to huge pages 5593a673d3

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